Unleash your inner innovator

I have lost count of the number of colleagues, clients and friends who say, ‘I am just not that creative, I don’t think I am a natural innovator. I can’t do innovation’. Well they are all WRONG! Everyone is capable of innovating and this blog is designed to show you how!

Take this simple test – answer ‘yes’ to any of the following ? Then you’re an innovator.

  • Have you ever thrown a party?
  • Have you ever told a lie ( even one of those little white ones)?
  • Have you ever lost your way ?
  • Have you ever started a conversation with someone you’ve just met?
  • Have you ever changed your mind ?
  • Have you ever read a book and recommended it to someone else ?
  • Have you ever seen someone do something and thought… ok, I’d like to try that?
  • Have you ever made someone laugh?
  • Have you ever entertained a child  ?

See where I am going ? We innovate all the time, we make stuff up, we look at the world around us and adapt, we talk, we read and we interact. All this uses our inner innovator. Your inner innovator exists, this blog is about finding it, using it and celebrating it! Moreover, you are not alone, check out Keith Sawyer’s book on collaborative innovation, a great point of view on how we interact to innovate.

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be posting about projects, books, resources and ideas in the world to stimulate and encourage you to explore your inner innovator. With 13 years experience working for global brands, across multiple sectors and regions, from the shop floor to the boardroom – I’ve seen plenty to help you kick start.


Create a card with your family, take a picture of your toes in the sand

Innovation is not magic or elusive, it is everywhere, simple, obvious and accessible. Nor is innovation serendipitous, it can be logical and even scientific. You are already massively innovative in your everyday as well as your working life. Join me and unlock the great stuff you’ve hidden away.


Innovation expert with experience across multiple sectors, businesses and brands. Into digital, marketing, strategy, ideas and helping everyone explore their inner innovator.

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